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StylinStrings Lacrosse Pockets, Lacrosse Dye Jobs, Custom Lacrosse Sticks and More

We have been professionally stringing custom lacrosse pockets, and dyeing lacrosse heads since 1999. Since then we have hand made custom lacrosse sticks for The University of Virginia, Notre Dame, the MLL, as well as the Woman’s US National Team the year they won the Gold Medal. We also string for some of the top women’s programs in the country like Franklin and Marshall, York College, Oregon and many more. We make the sticks for some of the best individual players in the world down to younger players just starting. We are a product of this game, and we intend to grow the sport by hand making the best equipment possible.

The Franky Fingers Dye Job : SoSo #89 – Custom Lacrosse Dyes and Pockets

Welcome to the 89th episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin Strings Lacrosse. This week we start of with a sweet Warrior OG Blade with a East Coast Dyes Replica Plus with Red Striker Hero Mesh. We did not forget about the custom dyed stick giveaway, make sure to check out @Eastcoastdyes and @Throneofstring on Instagram and they will give you all the details on how to win those awesome heads. Up next we have one of the most popular combination in women’s lacrosse this year, especially college. It’s the STX Crux 10 Degree 500 with a nicely accented Stylin’ strings original Ladder pocket. Finally our Stick Of The Week is an insanely dyed Frankie Fingers personal self titled STX K18 strung with and ECD Rep Plus to match made to match a custom Ripwood Franke Fingers shaft. We recommend that you check out the Dye Drop this Saturday to see the Under Armour command that we dyed with an “Irish” them in mind. We end the week off inviting you to participate in a game we like to play around the office “Would you rather”, make sure to leave your answer in the comment section of our Youtube.

Well that’s all for this week, Until next time, Keep Laxin’

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Check out the sick Lacrosse Sticks we build here at Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse, Media, and Apparel. You can check out our site for all of your Stringing and Dying needs, and our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube for up to date info on what we are up to at the studio and get the lowdown on some cool contests and events. Links below.
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Posted by in "Current StylinStrings News" on 01/28/2016 at 09:04 PM.

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